Protect Your Home and Workplace with ‘Beyond-Surface’ Cleaning

Surface cleaning has become an important recommendation for personal health reasons, as well as for essential businesses still doing their part to serve us in our community. Not only is the disinfectant process of cleaning surfaces important for our health and safety, but cleaning measures that go beyond “the surface”

Show Your Home Some Love this February with Tuxedo Carpet Care

From mattress to upholstery cleaning, carpet to tile cleaning – Tuxedo Carpet Care offers a full-range of cleaning services to help you maintain the health and aesthetic appeal that your home and family deserves! This February, allow us to show your home some love with one of our many cleaning

Start the Year Off Right With Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With a new decade upon us, individuals and businesses alike are putting their best foot forward, aiming to make their/the world a happier, cleaner and more sustainable place. Which is where Tuxedo Carpet Care is hopeful that we can lend a hand, providing cleaning services and technology to thoroughly clean

Why a Pre-Christmas Carpet Clean is Worth Considering

Getting your home ready for the holidays often means more than decorations and tasty treats. For many people it also includes carpet cleaning, and as one of the busiest times of the year – we wanted to share ‘Why a Pre-Christmas Carpet Clean is Worth Considering’. First Impressions Matter We

Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning for Your Home

Regardless of how clean you keep your space, there are other factors beyond dirt, dust and clutter – and that is the impact your mattress and furniture is having on your home. From the quality of the air you breathe, to odours and allergies; your upholstery holds all of those