Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Shifting Into 2021 with Healthy Business Practices

With 2020 quickly coming to a close, Tuxedo Carpet Care is busy helping families prepare for a safe and healthy Christmas.

However, with a new year right around the corner, we are also beginning to ramp up our commercial carpet cleaning service, helping companies across the Fraser Valley shift into 2021 with healthy business practices!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Surrey        

Whether you have a small business in Surrey, or are a large company seeking commercial carpet cleaning in Langley – we can help.

Our carpet cleaning extends from Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and throughout the Langley community. We provide our corporate customers with a 5-step process to help them streamline their carpet care, as well as provide the best service possible. This includes…

  1. Consultation – personally helping to create a comprehensive cleaning agenda that fits your needs , schedule and budget. 
  2. Pre-treatment and Spot Removal – providing a pre-treatment that will be applied to carpet and upholstery. If there are hard to remove spots or stains, we will treat those at this time as well.
  3. Agitation – which delivers a critical process to any cleaning service, loosening up any deeply embedded soil or dirt, allowing maximum results.
  4. Four-Sided Cleaning – our carpet cleaning service cleans all four sides of your carpet fibre, delivering patented technology that allows for the removal of 85% more moisture and soils.
  5. Edging and Grooming – our exclusive edge cleaning tool will reduce black lines along the edges of your carpets, creating a corner-to-corner clean that is noticeable.

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The Importance of Clean Carpets for Your Business in 2021

Society is busy sterilizing everything right now – and rightfully so. Helping one another stay healthy during a time of concern has fallen on the community to address. And we are all doing a great job managing Covid-19 and the various health practices we’re tasked with here in BC.

Every small step in the direction of health and wellness helps. From simply putting your employees’ minds at ease that they are working in a clean office environment, to helping your customers shop in a truly sanitized space – our commercial carpet cleaning service in Langley and the surrounding communities addresses both.

Allow us to provide a free quote for your carpet cleaning service in Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and throughout the Langley community by calling (604) 533-4409 or filling out our online form. We look forward to serving you and helping our community stay safe in 2021!