Free Your Home or Business from Health Concerns with Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

With Covid-19 (initially called the Coronavirus) being a major topic on the news, communities worldwide are cleaning up in every way they possibly can in order to prevent this illness from spreading, and in an aim to keep public spaces free of germs.

Which is where Tuxedo Carpet Care would like to come in and do their part, helping you ‘Free Your Home or Business from Health Concerns with Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning’.

The Health Benefits of Clean Floors & Upholstery

Due to our current health-scare climate, cleanliness can go a long way for peace of mind. So beyond the physical benefits of cleaning your home or business flooring or upholstery; the mental benefits also count for a lot, offering customers, family and friends the comfort of knowing your space is clean – top to bottom.

Not only does Tuxedo Carpet Care offer carpet cleaning, as well as furniture and mattress cleaning – we also provide hard surface tile and grout cleaning. Our hard surface cleaning service uses advanced cleaning tools and a safe line of cleaning products, along with a high-pressure vacuum, which can remove years of soil and bacteria build-up throughout every space in your home or office – including bathrooms and kitchens! 

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Deep Cleaning Your Carpets to Enhance Health Benefits

From dirt and grime, to dust and dander – deep cleaning your carpets matters when it comes to enhancing the overall health benefits in any space

Covid-19 aside, having a home or place of business that is “breathe easy”, offers employees, homeowners and clients or guests the comfort of feeling like they can come and go without allergy concerns, or feeling like your space is not a health-conscious environment.

Why Choose Tuxedo Carpet Care to Sanitize Your Home or Business?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with over 26 years of satisfied customers 
  • Fast Drying Carpets to get you “back in business” quickly
  • Allergen and bacteria free home of business

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At Tuxedo Carpet Care we have the technology ready to thoroughly clean your home or office, guaranteeing the best service and giving you peace of mind during a difficult time.