Langley Carpet Cleaning: Why Choose Carpet Over Hardwood?

As a Langley carpet cleaning company that provides service to the surrounding communities, we understand that many have chosen  to opt for hardwood flooring over carpet. However, stairways and bedrooms are often the spaces which still have carpet that we come in to help maintain.

So, why else might carpet flooring over hardwood be chosen? We want to explore that question in this blog!

Why Choose Carpet Flooring Over Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for both homeowners seeking renovations, and developers building new homes. From a clean look to a cost-effective solution, hardwood tends to be a popular choice.

Which then begs the question; why choose carpet over hardwood? Here are some reasons to consider.


The warm cozy look and feel definitely tops the list when considering what surface you may want underfoot. Carpets provide insulations and warmth, and offer a traditional ‘homey’ feel.


Slip-and-falls are a real concern. Whether you have a young family or elderly parents, carpets simply don’t run the same risk for slipping, which gives them an element of safety.


From colours to patterns to texture and more – carpets offer an appeal that hardwood simply cannot.


Whether reducing noise – as mentioned, or providing a barrier between cold flooring and feet, carpeted floors also deliver an added layer of insulation for the home.

Soft Landing

Carpet is also soft and comfortable to walk on. It provides a cushion for the feet, and can even be more gentle on joints.

It’s worth noting that there are also reasons to choose hardwood flooring over carpet, such as allergies. But ultimately, the decision between carpet and hardwood should be based on your individual preferences, lifestyle, and the specific needs of the space in question.

If you do, in fact, have carpet in your home, our Langley carpet cleaning service can help to keep it looking new!

Langley Carpet Cleaning

Langley Carpet Cleaning

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With professional carpet cleaning from Tuxedo Carpet Care, restore your carpet to its original condition and reduce health problems caused by harmful household bacteria.

In addition,  we provide hard surface cleaning, including tile and grout.

Our hard surface cleaning uses advanced cleaning tools which is powered by our truck mount. Our safe line of cleaning products along with our high pressure and vacuum can remove years of soil and bacteria buildup.

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