Potential Cleaning Problems – Part 1

In this two part article we will go over some of the most common cleaning problems.

1. Carpet feels stiff after it’s cleaned or it feels tacky.

More than likely there is a residue left in the carpet that is making this happen, or if you had a fabric protector applied, too much may have been applied or it may not have been properly brushed in. The way to correct this would be to rinse the entire carpet with cold water and observe if there is a difference when it dries. This is a common problem.

2. Spots always return after cleaning.

This usually indicates one or two things. Either the spot was of an oily nature and was not properly emulsified before rinsing, or it is a situation where it was a liquid that spilled and keeps wicking up. What you can do to correct this is to apply a solvent spotter to the area, rub with a towel. Then apply a small amount of alkaline detergent and put baking soda all over the affected area and leave it for a day and vacuum up the next day. More than likely this will correct the problem. If necessary, repeat if it shows up again.

3. I cannot get my traffic area clean.

More than likely they are just simply beyond cleaning or you have not cleaned them enough. Apply a professional pre-spray product to the area, rake it in with a carpet rake, and rinse it out with a good quality rinse detergent. If it has already been cleaned professionally, and competently, it may be a condition known as traffic lane grey, which means it is a pretty permanent scratching of the thermoplastic fibres from soiling.

4. I have black lines all around the edges of my carpet.

This is a condition known as filtration soiling and is generally caused by differing amounts of airflow and temperature. What happens is that airborne soils, often from a heating system, filter through those areas of the carpet and cause a black line. They are extremely difficult type of soiling to remove and will generally recur even after professional cleaning.

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