Tuxedo Carpet Cleaning in South Surrey: Professional Carpet Cleaning to Help Manage Allergies

At Tuxedo Carpet Cleaning in South Surrey, we understand the challenges families have in managing their health. And this was further brought to light during the pandemic.

One of the most common health issues we, as a carpet cleaning service, are asked about – is regarding carpet and upholstery care as it pertains to allergies. This is definitely an area we can help address, and want to share with those who are unaware – how your home or business can can benefit from professional cleaning!

Clean Carpets Help Manage Allergies

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can help remove allergens to reduce allergy-causing concerns. And although many think that not having carpet offers a ‘cleaner environment’ – that’s not actually accurate.

Common allergens are always in the air as well as on hard surface. But they can also be found within soft surfaces such as couches, beds, bedding, throw rugs and carpets. However, that being said, soft surfaces tend to trap the allergens vs circulate them through the air.

With the simple practice of regular vacuuming and annual carpet cleaning – depending on the foot traffic in your home or place of business, you can mitigate these allergens and minimize the effects caused by them.

Most Common Allergen Found in Homes

The most common allergen found in homes – is dust mites. As troubling as it may sound – dust mites love your bedding, mattress, soft-surface sofas, as well as carpets. They need moisture to survive, so keeping any of those surfaces well-ventilated can help minimize dust mites.

In cases where dust mites are not managed well, one can experience sneezing, itchy skin, watery eyes and a runny nose. In more serious cases, inflamed and infected skin can become an issue too.

Proper cleaning and managing the humidity in your home can help with this. In addition, having a professional come in to manage your carpet and upholstery cleaning, along with pet stains, odors and dander, will alleviate allergens accordingly.

Tuxedo Carpet Cleaning in South Surrey

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With professional carpet cleaning from Tuxedo Carpet Care, restore your carpet to its original condition and reduce health problems caused by harmful household bacteria.

Why Choose Tuxedo Carpet Care?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – At Tuxedo Carpet Care, we understand that it is difficult to find a trustworthy and professional company to allow into your private home. We have been in service for over 26 years with thousands of satisfied customers! 
  • Fast Drying Carpets – The average carpet drying time is 2-4 hours for most carpets!
  • Allergen-Free home – Our carpet cleaning service cleans all four sides of the fibre and its patented technology allows for the removal of 85% more moisture and soils and a drier carpet is a cleaner carpet.
  • Convenient, Reliable Service – Locally Owned & Operated. Licensed, Insured & WCB Coverage

If you’re seeking ways to manage allergens in your home or business, our carpet cleaning in South Surrey or the surrounding areas – can help! Book Appointment

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