Using The Spot Cleaning Kit

Before you actually try your kit, you should read on how to remove spots for some general good tips that you will need to know.

Let’s spend a few minutes using the kit you have just made and doing some spot removal practise. Practise is what makes perfect, and here is your chance to exercise your newly acquired abilities to be a good spot remover. If you have not yet made up the spotting kit you can just skip over this section, but do not wait too long. Because you may put it off until when you really need it, and then your efforts will be made haphazardly.

What I would like you to do is get a scrap piece of carpet. Get a piece from your attic or basement, or even buy a small square runner of some sort to practise on.

Preferably, get a piece that is light in colour, so you can have a more challenging example to work on.Get some coffee or tea with milk and sugar init and dump half a cup onto the carpet, near the edge. You will have to section the piece off because we will be using several soil examples. Next, get some grease or motor oil and rub a little onto the next section. On the third section, mash some jam or jelly into the carpet. On the forth section, get a freshly chewed piece of gum or get some tar and stick it well onto the fibres. Then get a beverage like cola and pour a good amount onto a small section so that it penetrates the carpet well. On the last section get some wet mud and rub it well into the carpet. Let all of these things dry and set for a day or two.

So now you have coffee, grease, stuck food gum/tar, large liquid and mud. Now, lets practise. Get your kit ready.

Let’s take our first example, the coffee. Spray on a small amount of general detergent onto the entire affected area and slightly beyond it. Agitate it gently with your blunt knife so the product penetrates. Get one of your small towels and blot the area, press it on well. Now look at the towel. Is there any transfer of coffee? If so, then you are on your way to removing it. If you need more strength, just apply the acid detergent and repeat the process. After you are through, apply your rinse water and get all of the products out. Good.

Hopefully that should have been easy for you. If any coloration remains, just apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a sponge to the affected area and leave it. Chances are it will go away with one or two applications.

Next, the grease. The first thing I want you to do is apply a small portion of the solvent spotter to the grease and let it sit for a few minutes. With a towel, work the spotter into the spot and use a gentle rubbing action and you should see some of it transferring to the towel.

Repeat this process as much as necessary until you get it to the furthest you can. Then, apply the alkaline detergent and work it in the same manner until gone. Finally rinse with fresh water, blot dry.

Now the jam or jelly. These usually come out pretty easily with just a real small amount of general detergent and really hot water. Run hot water over the spray bottle with general detergent in it and get it good and hot inside. Apply a small amount to the area, work it slowly with your blunt knife and it should easily loosen. Repeat if necessary. Wipe off with your towel and rinse with fresh water.

Now the gum. Try to loosen the gum as best as possible with your blunt knife. If it persists, make some indentations in it and apply your solvent spotter in small amounts. Let it sit and it will loosen the gum. Work it off slowly onto a towel. Apply your general detergent and fresh water as above, towel dry.

Large liquid spills.For cola or similar beverage, use your general detergent and see what you can get to transfer onto a towel. Then apply fresh water in a heavier amount and blot the spot by standing on the towel. This usually will remove a fair amount of it. Remember that larger spills usually wick up a bit after cleaning, so apply a fair amount of your baking soda to it, let dry a day and vacuum. Repeat if necessary the whole procedure if it remains the next day.

Mud. Mud is easy because once it dries you can usually aggressively vacuum the area and remove a real good amount of it. After you do that, just use either your general detergent or alkaline detergent. Doing this will loosen the rest and more than likely take care of the whole spot.

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