Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Winter Matters

Commercial carpet cleaning in the winter matters for a variety of reasons – which we want to share. We are here to help local businesses employ health measures to keep their company appealing for both customers, and employees.

Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Winter Matters

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned in the winter might seem counterproductive, but it is important for several reasons – some of which include:

Indoor Air Quality

Commercial carpet cleaning helps to remove contaminants from your carpets – and this, air, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Allergen Reduction

Having your carpets cleaned in the winter also helps to reduce the presence of allergens, creating a cleaner and healthier work space.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

Winter can bring with it snow, rain, and moisture into businesses of all kinds. If carpets are not properly cleaned and dried, they can become a breeding ground for the aforementioned mold and mildew.

Prolonging Carpet Life

Dirt, debris, and stains can accumulate on carpets over time. Regular cleaning, helps to remove these substances, preserving the carpet’s appearance and extending its lifespan.

Enhanced Appearance

Clean carpets contribute to a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment, giving your customers and employees a more positive experience

Overall, having your carpets cleaned in the winter is essential for maintaining a healthy indoor environment, and Tuxedo Carpet Care is here to help!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Surrey

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning service is offered throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. As mentioned on our services page

Clean carpets are important in the general cleanliness of your office and a substantial investment. With well over 2-decades of experience, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations and prolong the life of your carpet.

Clean and bacterial free carpets are important to the health of your clients and staff. Our top of the line tools and cleaning solutions will ensure everything is deodorized and sanitized to your satisfaction.

In addition, our specialized equipment is designed to clean tile and grout. Rest assured our technicians and cleaning solutions will leave your kitchens or bathrooms sparkly clean.

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