How To Remove Three Everyday Stains

1. Makeup Stains To remove makeup stains, rub shampoo or dish detergent (preferably a grease cutting formula), or shampoo into the stain. You could also try spraying with hairspray or using a non-oily makeup remover to remove the stain. Then, launder as usual. 2. Lipstick Stains You can get rid

Potential Cleaning Problems – Part 2

In this two part article we will go over some of the most common cleaning problems. 1. What do I do if I have a spot to remove and I have no idea what it is? The first thing you should do is separate the yarns with your fingers and

Potential Cleaning Problems – Part 1

In this two part article we will go over some of the most common cleaning problems. 1. Carpet feels stiff after it’s cleaned or it feels tacky. More than likely there is a residue left in the carpet that is making this happen, or if you had a fabric protector

Using The Spot Cleaning Kit

Before you actually try your kit, you should read on how to remove spots for some general good tips that you will need to know. Let’s spend a few minutes using the kit you have just made and doing some spot removal practise. Practise is what makes perfect, and here

The 5 Best Carpet Cleaning Machines

There seems to be a general misconception when it comes to purchasing a carpet cleaning machine for your home that they are designed to work perfectly, restoring carpets to nearly new conditions. Even the 5 best carpet cleaning machines available for purchase don’t work miracles and in the majority of

Most Important Questions About Carpet Care

Taking care of carpet shouldn’t be rocket science, but it’s getting that way — there’s so much misinformation out there. In this three part article we’ll answer the most important questions about carpet care. Is there a kind of carpet I should have bought that wouldn’t get dirty so easily?

Cleaning Carpet Stains – Harmless And Simple!

Did you know that quite a few of the common household cleaning agents you would normally reach for to clean a carpet stain will actually damage your carpet forever? Did you know that clear liquid detergents are better for carpet stain removing than opaque ones? How about this: When blotting

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Whenever you’re cleaning a room, it just doesn’t feel clean enough until you also take care of the floor. When a carpet is freshly cleaned, the whole room seems fresher. But finding the right cleaning solution can be difficult, especially given all the choices from the commerce. It’s why we’ve

Six Carpet Care Tips

1. Keep your carpet clean. Sand and dirt act like thousands of little razor blades that cut carpet fibers. Damaged carpet stains more easily, and it’s harder to remove the stains from it as well. Vacuum often to remove dirt, and your carpet will last longer. 2. Use rugs. Put